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Tiny Kitten Discovered In Pile Of Trash & Brought Back From Brink Of Death.

trash kitten

If he hadn’t found the kitten when he did, she probably wouldn’t have survived until dawn. And that was just a few hours away.

Around 2 a.m. on October 10, Deputy Bennett Dillon with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana was out on patrol when he spotted what looked like a large pile of trash at an area nature park. On closer examination, he discovered a living (and barely breathing) creature tucked inside the pile…

trash kitty

“I didn’t think it was still alive,”he recalled.

He also wasn’t certain whether there was enough time to save this little kitten’s life, but he had to try. Dillon bundled her up and rushed her to Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital, where her age was estimated at just seven weeks.

kitten in park

She weighed less than two pounds. As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, a technician had a hard time reading her temperature because it was too low to be measured.

lennie at vet

The kitten received emergency care, including antibiotics, fluids, a blood transfusion, and a cast/splint. Deputy Dillon was informed that the kitten might not make it, but if she made it through the first 24 hours, her chances would improve significantly.

lennie road to recovery

Unfortunately, a low temperature and malnutrition were just the start to the long list of this poor kitten’s troubles… she was infested with fleas, had a broken leg and blood in her eyes and ears – among other issues. But the staff, including Dr. Dale Miller, refused to give up on the little kitten, later named Lennie.

lennie trash kitten

Miraculously, this fuzzy little survivor pulled through!

Sweet Lennie is going to make a full recovery and no long-term effects from her rough start in life are expected. She (and we) has Deputy Dillon to thank for her second chance at life, as well as the veterinary hospital staff.

vet staff and lennie

A special thanks also goes out to the Monroe County Humane Association, which covered the costs of her medical care, and the unnamed officer who’s fostering sweet Lennie until she goes home with a forever family!

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