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Woman Shows What It’s Like At Bath Time With 4 Dogs & Millions Are Laughing.

Canadian Élodie Lemyre has four dogs, and they all like to stay stuck to her side. In other words, Élodie never gets a moment alone.

This habit of theirs is as vexing as it is endearing, especially when she’s retreated to the one room in the house where you should have at least a reasonable expectation of privacy: the bathroom.

elodie lemyre

Maybe she’d been complaining to her friends about it and they didn’t believe her, so she decided to get the whole thing on camera as proof.


So there she is all warm and cozy in a bubble bath, and you can just picture her leaning back with her eyes closed and hair tied up, breathing in the soothing aroma …

But even with your eyes closed, it’s pretty much impossible to relax when you know you’re being watched. Very closely. The camera slowly pans left, and we see our first peeping Tom:

elodie boxer1

Boxers mouths naturally turn downward, so this pseudo-frown is his default expression. But then the camera pans left again. And you can almost feel the disapproval oozing out of this guy’s eyes. Is he upset she didn’t invite him to join her? Did she forget to feed him before jumping in the tub? We’ll never know.

 elodie boxer2

But she saved the best, most laugh-out-loud stalker for last!

If you want to bust a gut, watch the video below and share if this is what it’s like for you at bath time, too!

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