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Woman’s Epic Review For “3 Second Brows” Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

kristen hampton brows

Ladies, is there anything we’re not willing to try to simplify our beauty routines?

It’s difficult to keep up with fashion trends, but several years ago, the full eyebrow look made a big comeback. It seems that everyone has the sort of lush, thick brows that made Brooke Shields famous back in the 80s. Unfortunately for those of us who had been tweezing and waxing our brows into submission for our entire lives, we are pretty much out of luck.

Or are we?

kristen hampton

Thanks to Kristen Hampton, a reporter for WBTV Good News in Charlotte, North Carolina, we might have found a solution to those thin brows that keep us from achieving that natural-yet-glamorous look.

An admitted “trend setter,” Kristen took to Facebook Live recently to demonstrate two hilariously weird “As Seen on TV” products, “3 Second Brows” and “Perfect Smile Veneers.” Her demonstration went almost exactly as you’d imagine!

3 second brow

For only $15, Kristen was excited to try out the eyebrow stamp she’d purchased in order to give her thin brows that thick look she craved.

“Can’t wait to see how pretty I look!” she exclaims as she rubs the stamp into the brown powder.



Undeterred by the first bushy caterpillar – er, eyebrow, she’d stamped onto her face, she forges on!


Ever the intrepid reporter, though Kristen loves her brows so far, she needs to try out the arched stamp. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be giving us the full scoop!

“It’s so beautiful and natural. I almost don’t want to wipe it off, but … what I just did will be my daytime brow, and then I’m gonna get super sexy with the arch.”


Okay, so the arched look isn’t much better. Kristen’s comments on Facebook range from “I’m dead!” to calling her brows “sexy caterpillars.”

What, if anything, could make this stunning new look even more attractive? Perfect Smile Veneers, of course!


“If you’ve got a messed up grill, and you want a perfect smile, you just slap these bad boys on,” she says giddily as she slips the comically plasticine fake teeth into her mouth.

Just look at the results… and try not to laugh!


Now it’s time to take this new look for a test drive.

“I’m gonna hit up the McDonald’s drive-thru and I’ma be like, ‘hey.'”

As Kristen pulls through the McDonald’s drive-thru to order a sweet tea, she asks the first cashier for her honest opinion on her get-up. The poor lady tries so hard to be nice and diplomatic, but this is her face:


*Blink, blink*

Undeterred, Kristen keeps going, asking various strangers their opinion. None are exactly sold on the products, but one thing is for sure – Kristen is feeling her new look.


“I hope that at some point in your life that you feel confident enough to achieve this level of sexy,” she says as she wraps up her product review with a wink.

What a wild ride! Thanks for trying these products out for us, Kristen… so we don’t have to!

Watch Kristen’s full video below, and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today!

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