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Cop Greets Girl Every Day. When She Doesn’t Appear, His Gut Tells Him To Investigate.

When Klynn Scales was 9-yrs-old she formed a unique bond with a police officer. The 9-year-old girl and cop both waited in the same location daily and each day she would wave to him, jumping to her feet to meet him face to face.

Originally unaware of her situation, the officer collected a few clues that led him to become concerned. And he was right. Klynn was essentially all alone in the world, except for the two younger brothers.  Her home was overrun by violence and drugs, and it became her responsibility to care for and feed them.


The only way she could provide for herself and her siblings was to reluctantly commit theft at the local 7-11.

The police officer, who Klynn adored, could sense something was wrong, and he made sure to continue to come by each day until he could figure out what was going on.

When Klynn failed to be there eager awaiting the officers arrival one day, the officer decided to investigate. Upon entering her home, he found a heartbreaking sight. Klynn was severely ill and there was no sign of any caregiver. He quickly took Klynn to the hospital, and she received treatment for malnutrition.


Following her hospital visit, Klynn was sent to Kansas City to begin a new life and she lost contact with the officer.

“Through all the bad situations, I would just picture him saying that he was here for us and that if we ever needed him, he would be right there,”Klynn told WGN. “He would always protect us, and so those words would come to me during the worst times of my childhood.â€

Many years later, the officer, Sgt. Jeff Colvin got an email about a girl he knew sounded familiar.


“I had actually thought about her and wondered whatever happened with her … when I was over by the old East Patrol station,” Sgt. Jeff Colvin, the officer who saved her, told Fox4.

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