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All Dogs Are Good, But These 15 Sublime Puppers Are Some Of The Best.

a two-photo collage. corgi giving the camera side eye while sitting on the beach. on the right, dog showing off his good grades from doggy daycare report card.

Life is just better with dogs.

No, they’re not perfect – but who is? Dogs may occasionally do things we don’t care for, like get into the trash can or roll in something stinky, but they also give us unlimited love and devotion. In some cases, dogs can even go above and beyond to become what the internet calls, “rare puppers.” Here are a few next-level pooches who set the bar high for canines everywhere.

1. Great job, Charlie! Look how proud he is for being a good boy at daycare.

2. Someone tried to break in, but this excellent watch dog told his human and chased the crook off.

3. The door didn’t latch, but this good boy stayed right in the camper as he was told.

4. The best thing about housesitting is making new friends who also like video games.

5. The dogtor is in! Loki visits people in the hospital to cheer them up.

6. “He’s very secure with his masculinity,” is the answer mom gave for buying her male dog a pink sweater.

7. Seriously, what’s the deal with all of the doorbells in ads?!

8. *Jotting down GPS coordinates and gassing up the car*

9. He may be turning 13 years old, but he’s still got the face of a puppy.

10. Leonard woke up his owner by licking his face at 5 a.m. Turns out there was smoke in the apartment hallway and the fire alarm was sounding. Thanks to this good boy, everyone got out safely!

11. Two years later, pupper has the same adorable facial expression.

12. Giving us all the motivation we need to drop a few pounds. Thanks, Miller!

13. It’s like they just know when we need a friend.

14. “Does your dog bite?” “No, it’s worse. She judges.”

15. Look who just passed the test to become a therapy dog!

These aren’t just good boys and girls, they’re the best of the best!

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