10 Larger-Than-Life Pups Who Are The Perfect Lap Dogs

Images showing giant lap dogs. Thos and family on the left and Yogi Bear and his dad on the right.

No matter how large or small your puppy might be, they will always consider themselves a lap dog. Large breed dogs seem to have no concept of their actual size and weight. That means they consider themselves the perfect size to sit on a puppy-parent lap! Often, these giant lap dogs are not big and tough on the inside! And they will certainly melt your heart!

Cane corso, great Dane, mastiff, Alaskan malamute, great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, and Saint Bernard puppies can all grow enormous. They start so cute and adorable, but before long, they eat you out of house and home and take up the entire king-sized bed!

1. They’re Just Bebbies!

As evidenced by this big crybaby singing bebbie, no matter how big they get, they’re still just widdle bebbies! This little fellow would much rather be cuddling on mom’s lap than getting a doggie bath!


Wow! That is a huge dog! Alaskan Malamutes are a beautiful breed, known for their wolf-like appearance and gentle nature. Malamutes are also known for their strength, loyalty, endurance, and make an excellent companion for families. The breed was bred by Inuits as a working dog, pulling heavy sleds and working in packs. #husky #dog #doglovers #feels #feelsgood #alaskanmalamute #alaskanmalamutepuppy #alaskan #alaskangiant #alaskanmalmute #dogsoftiktok #dogsofttiktok #dogs #doglover #doglove #dogsoftiktokviral

♬ original sound – Grizzly Blades

2. Growing Up With A Dog Is Wonderful

Even when the dog grows bigger and much faster than you!

3. Don’t Blink! Giant Lap Dogs Grow Fast

The little fellow in the sink getting a bath did not stay little for long! But he’s much better about bathtime than the Malamute a few paragraphs up!

4. Look, Mom! I’m A Blankie!

This great Dane is performing a fantastic impersonation of a comforting blankie!

5. Wait … Clifford Is Real?

We grew up learning to read with the book series, “Clifford, the Big Red Dog.” We followed little Emily on her adventures throughout the tiny community. But nobody ever knew that Clifford was REAL!

6. They’re All Big At Heart!

The tiniest dogs are often the ones you need to watch out for. We share this clip for fun. No puppies were harmed in the creation of this dramatization.

7. Giant Lap Dog Or Grumpy Bear?

This big fellow is having an identity crisis. He has a fitting name!

8. All Giant Lap Dogs Love Bum Scritches!

This is Thor, and he was definitely all about the bum scritches! He also appears singing in the shower in our first clip above.


People think I’m exaggerating Thor’s size by videos don’t lie 😳🐶 Share with a dog lover. #giantfluffed #dogsoftiktok #alaskanmalamute #giantdog #fyp

♬ original sound – Chelsey Hallblade

9. House Horse, Indeed!

Do not adopt a house horse if you desire personal space and enjoy lounging on your sofa alone.


No personal space when you have a House Horse living with you #saintbernardlovers #saintbernard #househorse #dogsoftiktok #huge

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

10. That’s A Whole Lot Of Floof!

Could you imagine having to brush this dog every day? Sometimes, I wonder what these huge floofs would look like if you shaved them. Is there just a tiny Chihuahua hiding under all that floofy cuteness?

We hope you enjoyed our foray into life with giant lap dogs. When my daughter adopted a Dane, I asked her if she knew how big they got. She did, which is why I have a grand pup that weighs 40 pounds more than me! Dogs can be loyal companions regardless of their size, but the big bebbies will definitely melt your heart every single day you share your home with them! Share these cute critters with your friends so they can enjoy a laugh too!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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