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Grandpa & Granddaughter Don’t Let Quarantine Keep Them From Dancing Like No One’s Watching.

Across the world, people are finding unique ways to stay connected during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Sherrie Neely lives right across the street from her parents’ house in Nashville, Tennessee. She says she’s more grateful for living in close proximity now than ever before because she can keep an eye on her elderly parents during the isolation period.


Sherrie recently shared a video of her 80-year-old father as he came out of his house to greet his grandaughter, 6-year-old Kira.

“I haven’t posted on fb in forever…but I love this video so much!” Sherrie wrote. “This is the street that separates my house from my parent’s house, and is typically crossed multiple times throughout the day. Kira loves her ‘Papa’ so much and they’ve now started daily ‘dance offs’ since the virus is keeping them separated.”

Sure enough, the video shows Kira showing off some fancy footwork while standing on one side of the quiet suburban road while her grandpa watches eagerly from his side.


While we’d expect a little girl like Kira to have lots of energy for dancing, we were not expecting her grandpa to jump into the dancing with both feet! As soon as it’s his turn, he gives a happy little jig that is just too sweet!

“My Dad is turning 81 years old next month and I’ve never seen him dance, but he’s really putting forth great effort and has some special moves!!!! 😄 I’m sure the workers think we’re crazy!!!”


What an adorable way to get some fresh air and exercise while staying in touch with your loved ones! This grandpa is so cute. We think he’s been hiding a secret passion for dance all these years.

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