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Kindergarteners & High School Seniors Team Up For The Most Creative Graduation Video Ever!

A group of kindergarteners and a group of high school graduates.

One school’s graduation video has the internet tearing up, and we totally get why! It’s all about how quickly kids grow up. Who can’t relate to that? Ohio’s Louisville City Schools shared the emotional video on Facebook, where it’s been getting a lot of attention. Even strangers who have no affiliation with the students in the video have literally wept while watching it!

Of course, People reminds us that the high school seniors couldn’t have pulled off this beautiful graduation video without the help of kindergarteners from the same school district. The clip begins with the adorable little kids standing in a hallway. One of the young boys gets a running start, and then leaps toward the camera. As soon as he’s airborne, the scene changes to a grassy field. A high school senior in a cap and gown lands on the other side. In no time at all, the tiny kindergartner is all grown up!

One by one, the entire group of kindergartners undergo the same metamorphosis. They each take a running jump into the camera, landing on the other side as a high school grad ready for college.

“Blink and you’ll miss it… time flies!” reads the Facebook caption.

We can thank Jenn Wilson for this beautiful graduation video.

Communications coordinator Jenn Wilson got the idea for the graduation video from local parents.

“Over the past few months, every parent I’ve spoken with has said the same thing: ‘In the blink of an eye, your kids are grown,'” she explained to TODAY.com.

A group of kindergarteners waving to the camera.
Screengrab from Instagram

Jenn’s creative idea has touched thousands of hearts. It’s inspiring parents everywhere to treasure the time they have with their kids!

“I am not the parents of these beautiful children and I am crying,” wrote one commenter on Facebook. “This is so cool and it’s so true time does fly so fast. Congratulations to you all! God bless! Love it!”

“This is amazing!!!!” added another. “Bawling my eyes out for kids I don’t even know Congratulations on your Graduation!!!!”

A group of high school seniors in graduation caps and gowns.
Screengrab from Instagram

As this graduation video points out, life moves pretty fast. What an excellent reminder to make the most of it while we can!

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