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“When Your Six-Week-Old Discovers That Her Mom Is A Retired Jazz Singer”

A mom sings as she holds her baby who is mesmerized staring at her, eyes wide.

Every parent has their own ways of calming down their little one. Some people have particularly unique methods you may have never thought would be helpful. Deu Almeida has one of the best skills needed to calm down a fussy baby: She can sing beautifully! In fact, according to her website, she worked in the music industry for 10 years as a jazz singer — and it shows! Her vocals are so calming, it’s no wonder her baby is in awe when she sings.

Although she’s been a professional singer, Deu didn’t really sing to her baby while she was in the womb. So it wasn’t until her little one turned 6 weeks old that she truly started to realize just how talented Mom is at singing! In a video shared on social media, Deu shows off how mesmerized her voice can make her daughter — and it’s too precious!

At the start of the video, this adorable baby is a bit fussy. But the more Deu sings Summertime by Sam Cooke, the more she focuses in on Mom’s soothing, comforting voice. What a special moment for the two of them to share together!

“Wait till she finds out I know how to scat too,” Deu adds in the caption of her video.

Former Jazz Singer Perfectly Serenades Her Fussy Baby

Deu’s baby isn’t the only one who adores her voice! In the comments section of this video, people from all over can’t stop raving over this talented mom’s beautiful voice.

“I don’t think anyone every really retires from being an artist,” one person writes. “You may not do it for work anymore, but that voice is obviously still working its magic.”

“She was entranced. Music is so powerful,” another person shares. “Wishing you both a lifetime of singing.”

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