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6-Yr-Old Draws On Wall, But Mom’s Creative Solution Has Internet Cheering.

Every parent knows that sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

Recently Eric and Kim Massicotte of Toronto, Canada shared a hilarious example of this parenting tactic on Twitter. The family has a morning routine that involves letting their two sons, Ryan, 6, and Peter, 4, do a quiet activity like reading a book or drawing a picture in the morning before school starts each day. One Monday, however, Ryan decided to take his artwork a step further: by drawing a picture directly onto his parents’ wall.


We’ve all been there, haven’t we, parents? You can go one of two ways: you can get angry and cause a big to-do about it, or you can find a way to laugh and just go with it!

While Kim was initially (understandably) angry at the boys, after they’d gone to school she decided to get creative and use her sense of humor in order to make the unexpected Picasso a true work of art.

That evening, when Eric arrived home from work after picking up the kids, he discovered Kim had hung a frame around the drawing along with a descriptive card similar to what you’d find in a fancy art museum.


The card says:

R. C. Massicotte (b. 2011)
Interrupted House, 2017
Marker on latex paint.
Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th

Talk about a creative (and funny) solution! Best yet, the parents’ attitude clicked with the boys, who understood that although they were wrong to write on the wall, it wasn’t the end of the world, either.
As Eric told Buzzfeed, “Although they knew not to do it again, because it’s out there in full view in our home now,” he noted. “Writing on the wall is no longer taboo, so they are not interested in repeating it!”


Eric decided to share his wife’s adorable turn as a would-be art curator on Twitter so we can all have a good laugh with them.

Way to go, Kim and Eric! Be sure to share this story with a parent who’s been there!

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