Kieran Hilariously Weighs In: Who Would Win In A Fight, The Skarsgård Brothers Or The Culkin Brothers?

kieran culkin

There’s a meme flying around, asking the question we’ve all been wondering: would the Culkin brothers or the Skarsgård brothers win in a brawl?


These are the types of questions we really need to be asking ourselves. Here’s the original meme, lining up the two groups of brothers.

There are four Skarsgård brothers and three Culkin brothers. The Skarsgårds are pretty gigantic in size and the Culkins are much shorter, but, as the meme says, “People are saying the Culkins bite.”

(Of course, this is all in good fun. There are no records of Culkins, or Skarsgårds, biting anyone).

Culkin v Skarsgard meme
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Kieran Culkin put the debate to rest on the red carpet last week. He hadn’t heard of the meme, but he had no doubts in his mind about which group would win in a fight.

“They’re huge,” Kieran said. “They’re HUGE. We would lose.”

Kieran went on to make a cheeky joke and the rest is history.


Kieran Culkin has his thoughts when it comes to the Culkin vs. Skarsgård brothers debate 😅 #kieranculkin #skarsgardbrothers

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So, I guess the question has been answered. Don’t go hoping for a brawl between the Culkins and the Skarsgårds, because as Kieran said — there’s no hope for the Culkin bros!

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