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Kid’s Hilariously Creative Comic Details The Adventures Of “Danger Sausage”

Image shows the original viral tweet from Keri Warbis after she purchased a Danger Sausage comic from a neighbor.

There are no preconceived “blocks” to a child’s imagination when they are six. Red Smith decided to use a character from the popular Looshkin book series by Jamie Smart to create his own kid comic book. The young man named his comic “Danger Sausage” after the Looshkin character with the same name. While most kids draw comic books at that age, Red took his creative endeavor to the next level — he sold his comic book to his neighbor, Keri Warbis. Keri’s response was brilliant. She posted the comic on X, commenting, “£1 well spent, I’d say.”

Using Danger Sausage, “a sausage entirely without fear,” Red began by describing his main character. Then, it was time for the adventure to begin! Danger Sausage was battling the Robot Sausage. Danger Sausage fell from a cliff during the battle, landing in a lake far below.

Pages 1 and 2 of the Kid Comic about Danger Sausage.
Images from X.

Danger Sausage woke up in chains, and that is when he saw his archenemy, the Black Pudding… Although the tale seems to end there, Red has promised a sequel. In interviews with his mom, Amelia Smith, she discusses Red’s creativity. She says he is busy drawing more adventures, and she had to go out to get more paper.

Pages 3 and 4 of the Kid Comic about Danger Sausage.
Images from X.

The BBC spoke with the original creator of Danger Sausage, Jamie Smart. The response to Keri’s post and the talent displayed by young Red amazed him. Rather than be upset at the spinoff, Mr. Smart said, “It’s been so fun watching the reaction to Red’s work. He’s not only very talented, but he’s really funny too. He already has a great skill in making comics! Honestly, it’s amazing that he liked Danger Sausage enough to tell his own stories. I’m very honoured.”

What Kid Comic Might Be Coming Next From Red Smith?

Red’s future as a kid comic creator is unwritten at this time. He has hinted at a sequel, telling BBC Radio Sussex to expect a new villain named Timmy Pork Chop. Perhaps there will be a collaboration with Jamie Smart someday? One thing is certain: Red has many people in his corner cheering him on and encouraging him to continue using his imagination to make people smile.

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