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Kid Joins Musician On Stage & Blows Everyone Away With Guns ‘N Roses Guitar Solo

A young boy performing on stage with a guitar.

One band made a talented kid’s guitar dreams come true by inviting him on stage to show off his skills with an epic solo. However, they had no idea what the boy’s proficiency level would be when they pulled him out of the crowd. All they knew was that 10-year-old Jake was holding up a sign that said, “Let me play guitar with you.” So, the members of RPJ decided to take a chance! Judging by what happened next, they made the right call.

After the lead singer helped the kid onto the stage, someone else got a spare guitar ready for him to deliver his solo. Band members were surprised that the boy wanted to play Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’Roses, which has some pretty difficult parts! However, it was clear right off the bat that this boy knew what he was doing. RPJ shared an incredible video of Jake’s performance on social media, which has received around two million views.


10 year old holds up a sign saying ‘Can I play Guitar with you’ at Painshill Festival PART 1 #rpjband #kingofcovers #rickparfittjnr #festival #sweetchildofmine #sweetchildofminechallenge #guitartok

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Commenters were completely blown away by this boy’s talent! Many were also touched that the band had allowed the young man to join them on stage.

“Bet Jake will never forget that his whole life,” wrote one user. “What an amazing confident guitarist he is, and well done to you for letting him shine.”

Another added, “Jake didn’t join the band, the band just joined Jake.”

Sadly, RPJ’s short clip doesn’t include this kid’s jaw-dropping guitar solo. However, someone else posted a longer video where you can listen to Jake absolutely shred it!

Watch this kid’s mindblowing guitar solo!

After this incredible performance, the lead singer jokingly told the young man to “get off stage; you’re showing us up.” In all seriousness, though, the entire band was incredibly impressed by this kid’s guitar solo. It’s so heartwarming to see professional musicians encourage young talent like this!

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