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Kevin Costner Sets The Record Straight About His “Special” Relationship With Jewel

Kevin Costner Jewel

Fans have been speculating that Kevin Costner and Jewel are sharing a secret romance, and neither star has confirmed or denied those rumors until now.

The Dances With Wolves star visited the Howard Stern Show on June 18th and Howard asked point blank if he and Jewel have been dating. Kevin finally gave a straight answer —”no.” But the two do share something “special.”

“No, Jewel and I are friends,” he said. “We’ve never gone out ever. She’s special, and I don’t want, I don’t want these rumors to ruin our friendship because that’s what we have. She’s special to me. She’s beautiful enough to go out with.” 

Those rumors began spinning when Kevin Costner and Jewel were spotted at a charity event in the Virgin Islands following Kevin’s divorce from Christine Baumgartner. The two visibly hit it off, and the press spun a story that they flew to the tropical paradise alone on a private jet. In reality, he flew in with “nine people.”

“We were down at Branson’s Island,” Kevin explained. “She has a foundation, which I didn’t know, and she was part of the foundation. And Richard Branson has been asking me for years to come down to Necker Island, and so I finally did.”

“I’m divorced all of a sudden. I’m a single father, and he’s asked me for, you know, 10 years to come down there. I said, ‘I guess I’ll go down,’ ” he continued.

Kevin Costner Says Jewel Is “Beautiful” And “Smart” But It “Just Hasn’t Happened”

The event included him, Jewel, Richard, Emma Watson, and seven others “who weren’t celebrities.” Kevin said he had “tremendous conversations” with Jewel and Emma, and he and Jewel kept in touch after everyone went home.

“I don’t want the press to ruin this for us, because … I’ve had conversations with her, text-wise, and she’s so smart, and she’s been through a lot herself,” he admitted. “And so we have a friendship. We don’t have a romance, and we’ve not dated.”

While Kevin Costner and Jewel have never had a romance, he’s not saying he wouldn’t welcome one.

“She’s beautiful and smart enough for all those things,” Kevin added. “It just has never happened for us. She’s everything you might think, but it just hasn’t happened.” 

This story’s featured image is by Cindy Ord/Getty Images.

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