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Kevin Costner Holds Back Tears As His Son Hayes Talks About His Experience Filming “Horizon”

Kevin Costner Hayes Costner

Hayes Costner moved Kevin Costner to tears during the premiere of Horizon.

The Oscar-winning actor and director recently dropped his first installment of the Civil War trilogy, which stars his son as Nathaniel Kittredge. The role gave Hayes his acting debut, and the experience was overwhelmingly positive for him, thanks to Kevin.

During the movie’s premiere, Hayes told Access Hollywood what it was like filming with his dad, and his words made Kevin visibly emotional.

“It was so fun,” Hayes said. “Just working with my dad. I loved it. He just taught me everything, and he was there directing by my side, and it was just amazing to watch him direct because I’ve never seen it before. I’ve only seen him act before.”

(Hayes’ interview begins at 1:30)

Kevin Costner had to take a moment to collect himself after hearing Hayes’ words. The sweet exchange had everyone, including interviewer Scott Evans, a little choked up. 

When Scott asked Kevin how it felt to hear how Hayes felt, Kevin said, “It feels good.” After composing himself, he put on a pair of sunglasses, placed his arm around Hayes, and continued the interview.

Hayes Said Working Alongside Kevin Costner Was “The Greatest Way” To “Bond”

The Horizon premiere wasn’t the first time that Hayes praised Kevin Costner’s work. While speaking to People earlier this month, he also noted that his father was “always gentle” as a director, and he was consistently “focused and meticulous.”

Hayes also gushed about being able to “bond’ over their shared interests.

“It felt like the greatest way that we could bond over something we both love and to create lasting memories together,” he said. “Working with my dad was an unforgettable moment in time.”

At the end of the day, Kevin was always able to jump back into “dad mode,” which made the experience even more wholesome. Now, Hayes has memories with his father that will last a lifetime.

“I think that’s my favorite time with him,” he admitted.

This story’s featured image is by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.

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