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“AGT” Contestant Leaves Judges In Tears When He Shows Up A Few Stitches Away From His Birthday Suit!

A man who looks naked is jumping but is caught mid-air.

On America’s Got Talent, you’ll find contestants from all walks of life show off some of the most impressive skills. Most often, this includes talents like singing, dancing, ventriloquism, and the like. Amidst all of these impressive talents, however, are the particularly unusual ones. Tonikaku of Japan is the best, and potentially most loved, example. After competing on quite a few other Got Talent shows in other countries, including Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), he’s finally making his way to the States.

Right off the bat, Tonikaku knows how to make an entrance. Wearing only the smallest of bathing suit bottoms, he almost looks naked. Don’t worry, though, he’s quick to let everyone know that he’s wearing pants. Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofía Vergara find themselves at a loss for words. Simon Cowell, on the other hand, knows exactly what’s going on — he was a judge when Tonikaku auditioned for BGT. Once Cowell makes it clear how much of a fan he is of this unique act, it’s time to see what Tonikaku actually does…

I don’t know about you, but there was absolutely nothing that could have prepared me for Tonikaku’s act. As absurd as it is for him to simply show off new poses, always reiterating that he’s wearing pants, it somehow works. Sure, the audience started off puzzled. But by the end, they were all happy to participate in the interactive portion of the performance!

Despite putting on one of the most peculiar performances, all four judges send him on to the next round. You might be thinking, “Sure, but he won’t make it very far in the competition,” but I wouldn’t underestimate Tonikaku. He made it to 11th place on BGT! Though, it seems many fans of AGT wouldn’t mind anyway!

Tonikaku Confuses and Delights the AGT Crowd With His Unconventional Talent

“It’s incredible that he can do the same gag every single time and its still funny,” one fan points out in the comments section.

“I have no idea why l find this so hilarious but I genuinely do,” another person admits. “When he trolled at the end and faked everybody out just to get the same gag AGAIN was PEAK comedy and I was legit in tears.”

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