Mom Of 4 Parodies Ridiculously Glamorous Celebrity Shots With Hysterical Instagrams.

Kate Casey is a comedian, fashion critic, podcast host and mom to 4 little ones. Oh, and on top of all of that, she’s an Instagram star.

Kate has gained over 14.2 thousand Instagram followers and thousands more fans with her hilarious parodies of celebrity photos and magazine spreads. Using some creativity (and the help of her frequent guest stars: her children), Kate recreates scenes from the over-the-top lives of Hollywood’s rich and famous… but in the context of everyday motherhood.

“My approach is to compare a magazine or celebrity photo to a normal mother,”says Kate.

@theprettymess and I live parallel lives. Same, right?

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But Kate’s intention isn’t to mock or ridicule the fashion industry or Hollywood lifestyle. Her Instagrams are tongue-in-cheek. Just good fun.

Typical morning for me too. @theprettymess

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“I think my posts are a combination of ode and funny criticism. I am also making fun of myself in these pictures. For example, I wish I could wear Kim Kardashian’s plastic boots, but the closest I could come was wrapping my legs with saran wrap.â€

I miss Kim.

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She was first inspired to start these collages after seeing a photoshoot featured Kristen Stewart grocery shopping in a pink Chanel suit. The 2014 spread was featured in Elle, and something about it inspired Kate to grab her babies and a camera.

Grocery stores are my runway. Memories. @ellemagazineus #kristenstewart

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“I strapped my new baby into a Bjorn and dragged my other two kids into the grocery store and had my babysitter take the photo. I have been taking similar photos ever since.â€

Casual Saturday. #myfriendshusbandhadtogetmeoutofthisposition #immediatelywenttoachiropractor

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The picture below got the attention of the photo editors at Harper’s Bazaar. They loved Kate’s parody of their shoot with Gwyneth Paltrow!

And Paltrow herself even commented on this Insta, saying it was “awesome.” Kate couldn’t believe it. “It turns out Gwyneth Paltrow has a good sense of humor!”

But whether Kate’s posts gain celebrity attention or not, it’s clear she has a blast pulling her hilarious creations together…

…and her thousands of followers love seeing her hilarious posts!

Like Gisele Bundchen I like to take time and appreciate Mother Earth. Same, right? #sameright #loveandknuckles

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Not only are they hilarious, every parent can relate.

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