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Rescuers Get Creative To Save Skittish Mama Dog And Her Pups.

Karlee Anderson and her boyfriend Jon were trying everything they could think of to get the mama dog to come with them.

Leaving her behind wasn’t an option because the construction site she and her pups were staying in was about to be demolished. But when the nervous stray refused to budge, they had to get creative.


Community members in Jeju, South Korea, had told the couple about the stray puppies living under a pile of wood. Karlee and Jon rushed over and were able to coax them out with food and water after a few days.

The poor little pups had been scared, but they warmed up to Karlee and Jon pretty quickly. The same couldn’t be said for their mom.


“She was very skittish,” Karlee explained. “She wouldn’t let anyone touch her.”

The anxious dog kept her distance no matter what they did, and Karlee and Jon were running out of ideas. Thankfully, a man who regularly left food out for the stray thought of a solution! He would put the puppies in a crate and slowly drive them over to Karlee’s home. He was convinced their mom would follow.

Sure enough, she did! “She just bolted and followed him,” Karlee said. “I think it just shows the power of what a mom is capable of.”

hinsoona chases truck

The man drove slowly and took plenty of breaks so the dog could rest. Finally, they reached their destination, and she was reunited with her precious little ones.

Another week passed before they were able to convince the mom, whom they named Hinsoona, to come inside Karlee’s house, where she could finally rest easy!

“After trying so many things and spending so many hours, finally seeing that was really amazing,” Karlee said.

hinsoona and her puppies

She and Jon fostered all five dogs together until Pup, Pie, Honey, and Luna found loving families through Korean K9 Rescue.

puppies with new families

Hinsoona is proof that nothing can stop a mother’s love. She’s such a brave girl for looking out for her pups, and now they’ll always be safe!

Learn more about the incredible rescue in the video below, and share this story with your friends.

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