Man Crushed Between 2 Semis, Stuns Paramedics When He Walks Out Of Wreckage.

man in crushed truck between 2 semis

As some of you may know, Oregon has been experiencing a snowpocalypse like no other in recent history. They may be well accustomed to snowfall, but getting out on a busy highway with wintry conditions is always a dangerous gamble. This word of advice proved to be true recently when Kaleb Whitby found himself trapped between two semi trucks, hanging on a prayer.

Whitby was on the road at 5am, trying to drive through the dense fog when he suddenly saw brake lights ahead. A semi truck had jackknifed, leaving Whitby on a collision course that he couldn’t avoid. He slammed into the trailer, disabling his vehicle and pushing the rear end of this truck into the highway.

He tried to catch his breath, but his ordeal was far from over.

Kaleb Whitby

A second semi came barreling down the lane and sandwiched him between the other big rig, “I was just praying, this can’t be my time and just hoping that everything would be ok,” said Whitby.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 12.30.41 PM
Kaleb Whitby

Miraculously, the only part of the entire truck that was not crushed into oblivion, was the driver’s seat. Whitby waited in his metal cocoon until emergency personnel could free him. They were amazed when he walked out of that wreck with only a small scratch above his eye. They took him to the hospital as a precaution but he was released quickly after.

When asked about his miraculous condition, Whitby simply said, “Thank God I’m alive. Now I’ve got to see why.”

Kaleb Whitby

In total, 11 were seriously injured and were taken to nearby hospital where they are expected to pull through. In all, Oregon State Police estimate that an unbelieveable 100 people ended up being involved in the accident in some way.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 12.30.50 PM
Kaleb Whitby

An accident of this proportion with no fatalities, especially given Whitby’s ordeal, is truly miraculous.

Check out more details in the video below.

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