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Just Like Sisters: Rescue Gorillas Adorably Bicker And Tease One Another Like Human Siblings.

Gorillas at Limbe Wildlife Centre playing in a rainstorm.

If you have a brother or sister, you know how annoying they can be. They poke and prod and generally annoy you every chance they get. You might return the favor occasionally, too. Family squabbles between sisters and brothers are a normal part of most families. Even though they are not true siblings, two rescue gorillas in the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon act like sisters.

Watching these two interact has become a favorite pastime for staff at the center. Jumbo is the older “sister,” 27, while Adjibolo is a youngster at 15. The two were rescued separately but have formed a close bond. In the video below, Jumbo is the poker, and Adjibolo is the pokee.

rescue gorillas adjibolo and jumbo
Images from Facebook.

When faced with a mutual adversary, they have each other’s back like true sisters. So, while it is fun to watch Jumbo consistently poke Adjibolo to get a reaction, they aren’t always at odds. As the older sister, I remember poking at my kid sister all through our childhood. I can totally understand the dynamic relationship between these two gorillas!

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