Junkyard Dog Runs 8 Miles Every Night To Feed Her Foster Family.

Lilica the Brazilian junkyard dog is a pup unlike any other. Her daily feat is astounding.

For the last three years, every day, Lilica has made a four-mile trek to the home of her extended family. There at 9:30 sharp every night, Lilica meets animal lover and human friend Lucia, who hands her a bag of food.

Lilica gingerly takes the bag from her buddy -along with a scratch or two- and starts the 4-mile return journey to the junkyard where she was abandoned as a puppy.

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When she finally arrives at her São Carlos junkyard, the selfless pooch meets up with her furry -and feathered- family as another dog, a mule and several chickens dig into the bounty Lilica brought home from Lucia.


Lucia first met the junkyard pup years ago and would feed Lilica like she would any other stray. It was a few weeks until Lucia realized the stray pup would only eat a little bit, then stare at the bag she was holding refusing to eat any more. A neighbor suggested Lucia let the pup take the bag of food to go, and off Lilica went.


After following Lilica to the junkyard one night, Lucia realized what the pup had been doing for her unlikely brood of dependents. According to the video below, a large puppy litter had given Lucia a powerful -and apparently- lasting motherly instinct to nurture every outcast animal under her care.


Here’s the Takeaway: Cherish the people in your life that give their all without expecting anything in return. Whether human or canine, they are the ones who will stick around when everyone else falls behind.

Watch the video below and share if Lilica’s incredible story blew you away!

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