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Jump Roping Trio Is So Perfectly In Sync Our Brains Can’t Comprehend It.

boys jumping rope

The Internet is an epic place to share insane and funky talents, and these three boys are sharing their jump rope tricks for us all to enjoy. They do things with a jump rope that don’t even make sense!

Dressed up in their finest caps and suspenders, these guys took to the boardwalk to display their jump roping talents. The result? An incredible burst of entertainment we didn’t know we needed.

The guys jump in and out of different jump ropes, showing off their in-sync tricks and stunts. How they don’t get their jump ropes tangled, I have no idea.

They seem to be having a fantastic time, too, smiling and laughing as they execute their epic tricks.

It’s truly incredible what a group of people can do when they put their minds to it. Clearly, this jump rope trick show took hours and hours to master.

three boys with jump ropes
This image is from Facebook.

Fans of the clip shared their own experiences of jump roping when they were children. We all have memories of giving it a go in gym class or out in the schoolyard. Did you ever double dutch with your pals?

These jump rope tricks are seriously incredible. Take a minute to check it out for yourself!

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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