Loren Allred Brings New Version Of “Never Enough” To AGT Stage And We Have Goosebumps.

A two-photo collage. The first is a close up of Loren Allred singing passionately with her eyes closed on "AGT." The second photo shows Simon Cowell reacting to her singing. His eyes are wide and he's covering his face with his hands.

Over the years, folks from all over have become familiar with Loren Allred’s stunning voice. And yet, you’ll find that many of them don’t recognize her. That’s because, despite playing a key role in The Greatest Showman, Loren’s face is never actually shown. Instead, only her voice is used for the iconic song Never Enough. For a while, she thought she was meant to stay behind the scenes. But now she’s taking to the America’s Got Talent (AGT) stage.


This isn’t Loren’s first competition. She made her grand entrance on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) in 2022. Here, she earned 9th place in the talent show. Simon Cowell is a particularly big fan of Never Enough. It’s no wonder, then, she’s on his team for AGT: Fantasy League.

Although more people know she’s the voice behind Never Enough, this performance is Loren’s first time sharing this in the States. That’s why Cowell insists that a new version of the song is just what she needs to leave a lasting impression — and he’s right!

Loren Allred Wins Over AGT Audience With New Version of Never Enough

“This version of Never Enough is brand new — I think it’s a step up,” Loren says. “I’m going to be testing my vocal range.”

Loren certainly isn’t exaggerating. In this new version, she manages to make each note all-the-more powerful and emotional, bringing the audience and judges to their feet. I can only imagine the chills everyone must have gotten from seeing this performance live.

“To have that moment almost taken away from you, and no one knows it was you, and now you’ve got the guts to come back on this show and tell America, ‘This is me,’ is so special,” Cowell says. “I really hope that America [can] get behind you and give you the break that I genuinely believe that you deserve because you are an extraordinarily good artist.”

Loren Allred sings into a mic with one hand in the air as she performs "Never Enough" on "AGT."

Loren truly is such a great example of what can happen when we don’t let fear keep us from showing the world who we are and what we’re capable of accomplishing!

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