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Spunky Woman Flirts Her Way Out Of Parking Ticket In Hilarious Court Case.

If someone were able to give advice on how to consistently get out of parking tickets they would make millions. For Donna Anne Griffin all she had to do was ‘boogie.’

Donna received a recent parking ticket and was designated to appear in court in front of Frank Caprio, who is also host of a show called Caught In Providence. Donna had a feeling that if she was entertaining enough she just might make it on TV. So the second she was in front of the camera she did a little dance.


The look on the Judge Caprio’s face is immediately priceless.


As soon as Donna introduces herself to him, Caprio says, “I thought you were a dancer. I saw you doin the boogie over there.”

“I want to be on TV,” Donna responded.

Donna then explains that she got the parking ticket in front of her own apartment building where there is limited parking. She usually moves her car before the illegal parking period, however she fell asleep because of her medication. When she woke up she had a ticket.


Judge Caprio tells her that he noticed that this was Donna’s first parking ticket, so he would dismiss it.

How does Donna thank him? By telling him that he “looks good.” “Real good.”


The exchange draws chuckles from the courtroom crowd. And you’ll probably chuckle yourself following what Donna has to say at the end of the video.

Share this story to show how even judges can rule with a sense of humor. Be sure to check out this boogie video to see some more sweet dance moves.

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