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Scared Dog Bolts From Apartment And Leads Subway Workers On Race Through NYC.

For the past seven years, 76-year-old Susan Malone has been comforted by her constant companion, a rescue dog named Lucy.

Susan adopted Lucy from Puerto Rico. The terrier mix has since become her emotional support animal and has been a huge help to her during the isolation of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The dog mom recently suffered a broken arm and leg and needed to check into the hospital, so she sent Lucy to stay with her daughter, Molly Malone, in her Manhattan apartment. One Saturday morning, Molly was at home when Lucy spotted an open door and bolted outside. Molly ran after her, but Lucy was so spooked that she ran into the elevator and crossed a highway before disappearing into the Chambers Street subway stop.

Lucy was seen in the station by several community members, but before Molly could get to her, the dog slipped into the labyrinth of subway tunnels. Molly feared the worst. As a rescue dog with abuse in her past, Lucy can be timid and fearful of strangers.

“She’s been through a lot of things, including the pandemic, when she was my mom’s only companion. She’s the sweetest little thing,” Molly explained.

Authorities searched for the runaway dog all day and into the evening. The MTA even shut off power to the tracks at one point, and all the trains ran a little late just in case she was in one of the tunnels. Finally, around 9 p.m., MTA train service supervisor Jose Bonilla spotted Lucy at the 34th Street station.

Jose was able to grab the scared dog, getting a bite on his hand for his trouble. Molly rushed to the station to meet Lucy and her rescuer, calling Jose her “hero” for saving the day.

Lucy desperately needed a bath and was extremely thirsty when she got home, but other than a torn toenail, she was unharmed.

“I’m so thankful for so many people who volunteered to help,” Molly said.

The sweet girl is now back where she belongs with Susan, and Jose was awarded a certificate of commendation for securing the frightened dog and returning her safely home!

What an adventure! We’re so glad Jose was able to reach Lucy before she got hurt. Share this story to welcome her home.

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