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Grandparents Who Were Told They’re “Too Old” To Adopt A Puppy Get Best Gift Ever.

Ageism is never pretty, but it’s especially ugly when it means one less animal gets rescued in the world.

Andrea Hijar’s grandparents are in their 70s and live in Peru. Her grandmother has raised dozens of dogs in her lifetime, but when she decided to adopt yet another shelter pup, she was rejected because they thought she was “too old.”

Dogs live an average of 10 to 13 years, and with their age, the shelter was concerned that the grandma and her husband would pass away and leave the canine homeless. Andrea knew that would never happen, though. Any puppy her grandparents adopted would have a lifelong place with her family!

“It made me sad,” Andrea said. “They are a very loving couple, but were being denied something they were very excited about.”

So Andrea kept her eyes and ears open in hopes that the right dog would appear. Sure enough, one did!

She saw a social media post by a man who was looking to rehome a puppy. When he heard her grandparents’ story, he decided to take a chance and give the dog to them!

Andrea’s grandfather and father quickly went to pick up the dog, and then they had the absolute pleasure of surprising her grandmother with her new canine best friend.

The grandma’s reaction is adorable in every way! She claps her hands like an excited child, and you can just feel the love and enthusiasm she obviously has!

“I was very moved to see her reaction,” Andrea said. “It was very emotional seeing her so happy and full of joy.”

They named the puppy Princesa, and she is already fitting into her new life beautifully! Andrea hopes their story will change people’s minds about matching puppies with older adults, especially when they have family support.

“Adopting changes your life,” Andrea added. “If a family is ready and with open arms to welcome the little one, then go ahead. That little animal will be eternally thankful for having a family.”

We’re pawsitive that Princesa found the perfect forever family! These two grandparents clearly have plenty of love to go around.

Watch the moment when Grandma receives the best gift ever in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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