Man Befriends Some Of World’s Largest Owls When He Finds Nest Outside Window.

Eagle-owls typically nest in hidden spots on cliff ledges and gullies. In Jos Baart’s case, they also use window planters.

Two months ago, Jos heard noises coming from outside his third-story apartment in Belgium and assumed he had a pigeon problem. But after watching a giant bird fly from that very spot, he peeked outside once again — and discovered three giant chicks!


They definitely weren’t pigeons! Instead, Jos discovered his new neighbors were Eurasian eagle-owls, which are recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest owl species in the world.

While searching for a safe spot to hatch and raise her chicks, the mother owl had deemed Jos’ window planter to be perfect, although she wanted nothing to do with him.

mother owl

Her chicks, on the other hand, took to Jos right away!

“You can see how relaxed they are,” he said. “They’re not scared at all. For me, it’s like watching a movie 24/7.”

jos and owl chicks

In fact, when he watches TV by the window, the owlets join him! They even line up against the glass to gaze at the flickering screen.

While Jos has grown fond of their company, he knows it won’t be long before they leave the nest for good. Eurasian eagle-owlets usually take off around 2 or 3 months old. That said, Jos hopes they’ll eventually come back to raise their own little ones.

“Hoping that they will return again next year,” he added. ” Yeah, bring them on!”

jos and owl chicks

What a wonderful surprise! Here’s hoping he sees more chicks next year — and shares the experience with us!

See more of the adorable owlets in the video below, and share this cool discovery.

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