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John Legend Made Eye-Opening Revelation To Asher HaVon Before He Won “The Voice”

A two-photo collage. The first shows John Legend smiling as he sits from his seat on "The Voice." The second shows Asher HaVon singing passionately.

Competition on The Voice can get heated at times. Both the contestants and coaches alike have a stake in the game, after all. Still, when it came down to it, even John Legend recognized that the winner of this season very well may not be someone on his own team — Asher HaVon, more specifically. In fact, this is something that the singer even admitted during the season finale of the competition.

“My dad texted me this week and said, ‘Asher is the Voice,'” Legend admits after Asher’s incredible performance of Irreplaceable by Beyoncé. “Now, I’m a little biased toward my team, but I will say this: No matter what other factors people are voting on, I think you’re the best vocalist in this competition. And you show that with every song, no matter what you sing.”

To say that these words meant the world to Asher would be an understatement. The singer admits that, when he entered the competition, he felt “broken.” In fact, he feared that he didn’t deserve to be in the competition at all, much less in the finale. As a result, Legend’s kind words helped give him the extra boost of confidence he needed.

John Legend’s Honest Feedback Gives Asher HaVon the Confidence He Needs

“I’ve never heard that in my life. Of course, I believe in myself and I think that I do well,” he explains. “I think I do well because if you practice at something, you become really good at it. So, I think I’m a good singer because I’ve practiced all my life. But it’s different from when your Mama tells you that. She’s your Mama and she’s supposed to say nice things, but when John Legend’s dad says it, it hits me in my gut and almost ignites a fire to my destiny…”

Now that Asher has officially won The Voice, it certainly seems that he’s destined for great things. We can’t wait to hear all of the incredible music this talented singer is sure to release!

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