Puppy Mill Dog Engulfed In Matted Fur, Completely Transforms After Emergency Grooming.

When they found him, filthy dreadlocks clung to his ribcage and covered his legs like a wooly, matted sheath. His ears and face were barely visible beneath clumps of sun-damaged fur.

In 2013, volunteers with the National Mill Dog Rescue group rescued Joel and three other Cocker Spaniels from their dismal existence at a puppy mill in Missouri, and provided the love and care they’d gone without their entire lives.

National Mill Dog Rescue

In the video below, National Mill Dog Rescue founder Theresa Strader holds up a female Cocker Spaniel — whose condition is nearly identical to Joel’s — that had been rescued two weeks earlier.

National Mill Dog Rescue

“I would have to imagine that whoever’s loving her puppies right now certainly would not love to know that this is their mother, and this is the price she’s paying so they could buy their puppy,”she says.

The video also shows Joel receiving his first grooming in years; still shots show “Before”and professionally photographed “After”shots side by side, revealing the beautiful, sweet dog that was just waiting to emerge from beneath those clumps all those years.

National Mill Dog Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue

The non-profit organization works tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills. Dogs in puppy mills lead a grim existence, frequently spending their entire lives confined to cages and going without basic medical or dental care.

Since it was founded in 2007, the National Mill Dog Rescue has rescued more than 11,100 dogs, averaging about 884 per year.

National Mill Dog Rescue

Here are some more statistics from this amazing group!

  • Average number of dogs at kennel: 110
  • Average age of a puppy mill survivor: 7 years
  • Typical number of dogs in foster care: 60
  • Average adoptions per month: 52
  • Average time to rehabilitate: 6-8 weeks
  • Kennel expenses (mortgage and utilities): $6,400/month
  • Food: $100/day
  • One rescue mission: $16,000 (includes dog care expenses)
  • Full veterinary care: $300 per dog
  • Specialty veterinary care (average): $10,000 per month

Despite the cost, this wonderful organization is making a big difference in the lives of sweet pets like Joel.

Check out the video below to see Joel’s amazing transformation, and share!

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