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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Little Boy About Christmas Story, Steals Show With Hilarious Answers.

Anytime a small child tells a story– even it it’s one you’ve heard a thousand times before– pull up a chair and listen, because a child’s imagination tends to take that story and twist it into something entirely new! We’ve seen this before when some children told their version of the Nativity story, and their parents acted out the hilarious narrative. Now Jimmy Kimmel is getting in on the fun by asking kids on the street why they think we celebrate Christmas!

As anyone who has seen Kimmel’s annual “I ate my kid’s Halloween candy” prank knows, the talk-show host is always amused by kids, so he sent a staffer onto the street to interview random little ones about the first Christmas.

As can be expected, the children mostly have an idea of the Biblical account of Jesus’s birth, but they seem to get it confused with other traditions.

“What did the Virgin Mary do on the first Christmas?” asks the woman behind the microphone.

“Um, she left out cookies for Santa!” replies an adorable little girl.

Not quite, but we see where you’re coming from!

Most of the kids interweave the Nativity story with stories of Santa, random family relatives, and one boy even incorporates The Nightmare Before Christmas in there… but one little boy has it down.

“Joseph is Jesus’s step-dad!” he explains. From there he goes on to absolutely steal the show.

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