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This Unbearably Cute Pomeranian Is Stealing Hearts Around The World.

Most influencers would give anything to surpass the coveted 1 million followers milestone on Instagram, but one of them is so cuddly and cute that he seems to gain another million every time he posts a selfie!

His name is Jiff Pom, and he’s an adorable Pomeranian with upwards of 30 million fans across all of his social media accounts. Born in Chicago in 2010, he moved to Los Angeles soon after, and the world had no choice but to take note of his insane cuteness.

After starring in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video in 2014, Jiff’s career instantly took off. He landed an agent, a Nickelodeon People’s Choice Award for Favorite Instagram Pet, and a world record for most-followed animal across social media.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jiff has also scored multiple Guinness World Records for his speed on both his hind legs and front paws, published a book, made his own wall calendar, and even released a line of emojis called “Jiffmoji.” With all the wining and dining required of this celebrity, he has learned to shake hands, bow, and stamp his own autograph! Los Angeles even dubbed August 20th “Jiff Pom day.”

With all this hype and notoriety, we thought we’d give you a little taste of Jiff’s Instagram. After browsing through these 15 images, we have a feeling you’ll be clicking that “follow” button faster than Jiff can run on his hind legs.

1. “Meow” – just kidding, it’s me, Jiff Pom!

2. Who you callin’ cowardly?

3. Je t’aime! 💋

4. You’re a wizard, Jiffy!

5. Pass me some of that Easter candy, will ya?

6. A snuggly Jiff.

7. Sneaker head.

8. Wake me up when it’s Friday.

9. Cool for the summer.

10. Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!

11. Does this beard bring out my eyes?

12. Off to hibernation station.

13. What, like it’s hard?

14. Instagram pets assemble!

15. Because sometimes you just need a Pomeranian dressed as a cute pink monster.

This tiny teddy bear puppy may look like he couldn’t possibly be real, but somehow he is. He even has a precious, huge personality to prove it, and we, along with 30 million other people, can’t get enough of him!

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