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25 Dogs Who Are Effortlessly Making Mullets Cool Again

Oh, the mullet, the staple of early ’80s haircuts.

Mullets bring a lot of pop culture moments to mind, from Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” to David Spade’s iconic Joe Dirt character. The short on top, long in the back style even has its own slogan: “Business in the front, party in the back!”

These days, it’s a little startling to see a mullet on a human because styles have changed so much, but have you ever seen a dog sporting one? If not, today is your lucky day!

1. In the dog world, mullets are alive and well.

2. Not that they have much say about it.

3. Some dogs are born with a glorious mullet.

4. Others get theirs at the grooming salon.

5. Somehow they all manage to pull it off.

6. Then again, dogs have no shame when it comes to fashion.

7. We’re not sure why their parents decided this was the look for them.

8. Maybe it was an accident?

9. Some dogs do seem to know that we’re obsessed with their hair.

10. But they’re not even mad.

11. Just as long as they still get love and lots of pets.

12. You can laugh at their ‘do all you want.

13. After all, this is what happens when Dad takes you to the groomer’s.

14. When it comes to mullets, go big or go home!

15. Wait, is this a mullet or a mohawk? A little of both?

16. It’s like he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

17. This mullet is so majestic, we need a minute.

18. Joe Dirt in dog form?

19. “The groomers made a mistake last week and shaved off this magnificent mane.” (Yeah right, a “mistake.”)

20. Doodles always seem to sport the most kickin’ mullets.

21. But Pomeranians come in a close second.

22. It’s like he’s not even trying but is still winning at life.

23. Wayne and Garth would be so proud.

24. You’re never too big or too small to sport a mullet.

25. Just go with it!

These precious pooches are single-handedly (paw-edly?) bringing mullets back into style! We’re not sure we’ll be trying one anytime soon, though.

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