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Brazilian Mailman Snaps Adorable Selfies With Every Dog He Meets At Work.

Cristiano da Silva Antunes, a postal worker in Sao Paulo, Brazil, routinely turns the old stereotype of mail carriers hating dogs on its ear.

After all, he doesn’t just like the furry companions – he adores them! This passionate animal lover has been taking selfies with every pet he sees for ages. Luckily for us, he shares them on social media, and they’re absolutely adorable!

He calls his dog-centric pages “Carteiro Amigo dos Animais,” which means “animal-friendly postman” in his native Portuguese.

No matter what’s going on, he always stops to snap a picture when he spots a furry friend. The photos have earned him a large following online, and his fans love seeing the pups he meets on his route each day. Here are 11 of our favorites!

1. Cristiano starts off slowly when he meets a new pet, offering a hand for them to sniff before he attempts to pet them.

2. Being a mail carrier means he encounters a lot of animals each day, so he pays attention to ensure they’re safe and happy.

3. In addition to well-kept family pets, he also sees plenty of homeless animals on the streets.

4. If he finds a sick or injured animal, he brings them to a local shelter for treatment, often paying out of his own pocket.

5. His fans send him donations to help out whenever he finds a particularly sad case.

6. He dreams of opening his own shelter one day so he can help even more animals.

7. Cristiano has three dogs of his own at home, but he’s always tempted to rescue more.

8. He’s encouraging his followers to become animal activists and give a voice to the voiceless.

9. It’s hard to tell who is smiling bigger in the photos: Cristiano or the dogs!

10. His genuine love for all animals is written all over these heartwarming shots!

11. If you’d like to help, Cristiano accepts donations via Instagram and Facebook.

What started as a fun daily hobby quickly transformed into a beautiful way to give back! Keep up the great work, Cristiano!

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