Bride Plops Down In The Mud To Deliver A Calf In Her Wedding Dress.

A farmer’s work is never done.


Three years ago, Jessa and Ben Laws met at a pub and bonded over their mutual love of cows. They recently tied the knot on the grounds of their farm in Gorae, Australia, and Ben even mentioned cows in their wedding vows!

“Not many people can say that their relationship was founded on cows,” Jessa joked. “In his wedding vows, Ben said he’d always let me buy another cow if I wanted to. So it was meant to be.” 

On the day of their wedding, you could say the lovebirds were expecting some “Drama” from the start. One of their cows, coincidentally named Drama, was three days overdue to deliver her calf.

The couple had already rescheduled their nuptials once due to COVID-19, so they decided to forge ahead with the event and hope for the best.

The day went perfectly… up until that evening. During the reception, Drama went into labor. Jessa and Ben had a friend and fellow farmer checking on Drama throughout the night, but by 10:30 p.m., they knew the cow was going to need assistance.

Without a second thought, Jessa headed down to the barn still decked out in her gorgeous gown.

“Those that know me are definitely not surprised,” she said. “My husband was actually up at the house making cups of tea for people and someone walked in [and told him the news] and he said, ‘Jessa’s down there in the mud isn’t she?’ And they said, ‘Yeah.'”

Birth is always a messy business, but Jessa didn’t think anything of kneeling in the mud to pull the calf out and clean her up. It was a challenging birth, but thanks to Jessa’s help, a female calf named Destiny was born healthy and strong.

When she’d finished all the dirty work, Jessa dusted off her hands and went back to the reception covered in muck.

“We came back up to the reception and everyone just kind of looked at me, sort of looking at the dress and sort of going, ‘What’s happened?'” she said with a laugh.

“The city people were absolutely amazed. My farming friends were just like, ‘Yep, that’s what we expected of Jessa,'” she added.

Jessa and Ben danced and enjoyed their party until the wee hours, and she didn’t take her dress off until 4:30 the next morning. While she said the gown is “absolutely trashed from the knee down,” her priorities are in the right place: “But, you know, it is only a dress.”

It takes more than just hard work to be a farmer; you also have to care about your animals more than your own personal needs, wants, and comfort. It’s a selfless job, and Jessa seems perfect for it!

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