Hero Dog Saves Rescue Worker From Would-Be Kidnappers During Walk.

When Jepson first arrived at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in La Vergne, Tennessee, he needed all the help he could get.


The Great Pyrenees had been taken out of a hoarding situation and came in with a case of mange. But thanks to the care from staff and volunteers at the nonprofit rescue, he’s doing much better. Now he’s the one saving them!

The rescue is in an industrial area, and, unfortunately, has seen an upswing in criminal activity over the past year. While walking the adoptable dogs, young volunteers have been harassed multiple times. And if not for Jepson, one of their employees would have recently been kidnapped.

On the morning of July 30, the woman took Jepson out for a stroll. Everything was fine – until she bent down to pet the dog and he started barking furiously. She looked up to see two men getting out a van and rushing toward her. But because of Jepson’s reaction, they turned around and fled.

“Had she not been walking a Great Pyrenees who decided these men definitely constituted a threat and had that Great Pyrenees not kept them at bay, we could have been national news,” wrote Jean Harrison, the rescue’s founder.

Jean has since decided to move the rescue to a safer location to keep the dogs and volunteers safe. She’s still searching, but hopes to find the perfect place soon. In the meantime, the rescue could use as many donations as possible to keep things running!

As for Jepson, he still needs a good home! Obviously, he’s a great protector, but he also gets along with other dogs, cats, and, of course, people!

What a good dog! Not only will this sweet boy make someone very happy, but he will do everything in his power to protect them! If you’re interested in bringing him home, be sure to shoot an email to katrina@bigfluffydogs.com.

Share in celebration of this furry hero, and please donate here to help the rescue find a new home.

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