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Beluga Whales Hear Man Whistling In Kayak And Rush Over For Epic Concert.

Interacting with nature is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend time! The man in the video above was kayaking on the ocean in an area known for beluga whale sightings. As he paddled he began to sing a wordless tune that he thought sounded like the chirps and whistles belugas are known to make. To his astonishment he was soon joined by a whole pod of whales who wanted to join the concert!

Belugas are highly vocal animals that scientists call “the canaries of the deep.” That nickname certainly seems to hold true in this awesome video! After making contact, the man put on full Scuba gear and slipped beneath the surface of the water to hear their sweet song up close. Talk about the experience of a lifetime!

Watch the video above to hear the belugas singing with their new human friend, and don’t forget to share.

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