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Scared Little Girl Freezes During Recital, So Grandpa Jumps Up To Dance With Her.

Some granddaughters really know how to wind their grandpas right around their little fingers.

Jeff Harville of Claiborne County, Tennessee is normally not the sort of guy we’d think of as a dancer. He’s a burly motorcycle enthusiast on the outside, but a recent video shot by his daughter Chelsey Lester proves that inside, he’s a bit of a cream puff.


Jeff was invited to attend a cheerleading event for his adorable granddaughter, McKinly Lester. As the family sat together in the audience of the Gap Creek School gymnasium they likely had no clue that Jeff was about to take center stage, but McKinly’s nerves got the better of her.


As the four year old watched the other cheerleaders perform, she felt a sudden rush of stage fright that almost kept her off the stage entirely. Thankfully her “papaw” was there to help her out.

“Mommy, I want Papaw to dance with me!” McKinly whispered to Chelsey just seconds before she was supposed to go on. When Chelsey told Jeff what was happening, he didn’t hesitate to leap out of his seat and take his little granddaughter by the hand. What happened next is now the stuff of viral video legend.


Grabbing himself a set of pom poms, Jeff proceeded to do the chicken dance with McKinly in front of the entire school. Everyone was laughing as they watched the grinning grandfather go through the familiar dance moves, wiggling his bottom in time to the music and watching McKinly for his cues.


It’s hard to say who is more adorable here, McKinly or Jeff! Chelsey says that she’s not the least bit surprised that Jeff did the silly dance in public to make his granddaughter happy. The two are incredibly close and their love for one another is apparent to all who see it.

“Her papaw means a lot to her,”¬†Chelsey said. “She is a papaw’s girl! This is something she will never forget as a child. Her papaw dancing with her.”


We absolutely love this! Jeff is the best kind of guy; he’s secure enough in his masculinity to act goofy in public if it means supporting his family which is a great example to men and boys everywhere. Plus he really knows how to shake a tail feather!

Watch Jeff and McKinly bringing smiles to everyone’s faces in the video below, and be sure to share this cute moment with others!

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