Jeff Goldblum Has Incredibly Wholesome Reaction To Being Shown On The Jumbotron At The Super Bowl.

Jeff Goldblum looks happily shocked as he's shown the jumbotron at the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers went head-to-head in the Super Bowl last night, resulting in a thrilling game that had fans of both teams on the edges of their seats. Considering this is the United States’ biggest sporting event, it’s no wonder that so many fans show up to enjoy the game in person — including celebrities. Jeff Goldblum was one of many in attendance, and it’s clear the crowd was happy to see him.


When given the chance, the jumbotron would showcase a celebrity in the crowd. While some didn’t notice when they were on screen or simply smiled and waved, as usual, Goldblum took things up a notch.

Super Bowl Jumbotron Shows a Giddy Jeff Goldblum

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As soon as the beloved actor realizes something is happening, he puts on his iconic frames to see better. Instantly, his face lights up as he waves to the cheering crowd. Overwhelmed by the love, he stands to show his appreciation before making the shape of a heart with his hands.

In turn, the crowd erupts into cheers even louder than they already had, prompting Goldblum to give them a delightful dance. No matter who he was rooting for, it’s clear he had a great time either way!

Jeff Goldblum places his hands on his chest like he's giving himself a hug. He's being shown on the jumbotron at the Super Bowl.

“He seems like one of those people who forgets they’re famous until someone reminds them,” a fan writes in the comments.

“Jeff Goldblum is just out there living his best life,” another person says.

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