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Overweight Woman Hates Exercise Until She Tries Workout Craze From The 70s.

karla kelton weight loss

If your New Year’s resolution includes weight loss, you might be looking at new technology and diets to try. After all, old-fashioned approaches to losing weight are things of the past for a reason, right?

Well, maybe Karla Kelton’s story will help change your thinking on that. The Grapevine, Texas, native took a relatively old exercise craze and turned it into a massive success story.

It all started with a single Jazzercise class.


Karla explained that before she tried Jazzercise, she lived a “very sedentary” lifestyle. “I absolutely hated working out,”the 35-year-old admitted. “I could not find an exercise program that I enjoyed enough to stick with for the long run.â€

But there were a couple of powerful catalysts that pushed Karla to stick with a healthier routine. The first major motivator was going through a divorce. Karla said the experience made her realize she needed to make some changes.


She also realized that without adjusting her lifestyle, there was a good chance she would be forced to wear plus-sized clothing. “Once I hit 222 pounds, it was just a life-changing moment.â€

But what was Karla to do as someone who needed to get in shape but hated most exercise programs? Luckily she happened across a Jazzercise class. It turned out that she had fond memories of the fitness routine.

Finishing out the year strong. What has helped keep you motivated in 2017?

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“I remembered doing [Jazzercise] as a kid with my mom and having so much fun…I fell in love with it after my first class. ”

And because Karla loved Jazzercise, she was able to stick with it, going from attending one class to six per week. The result? Dozens of pounds lost – and likely for good.


But the exercise routine didn’t just help her get in shape, it also gave her a tribe. After losing 77 pounds, Karla is now 145 pounds and when she’s not working during the day as a CPA, she’s a Jazzercise instructor at night!


Karla is proof that sometimes it’s the oldie (but goodie) that can truly change our lives for the better.

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