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Meet Edamame Sheeran & Eelton John, The Sushi Sculptures And The Impressive Artist Behind Them

Images show two angles of celebrity sushi art featuring an Ed Sheeran bust made from sushi.

You might find something fishy about the artwork of British food artist Michelle Wibowo. The artist recently created a series of miniature busts of famous Brits, all made using Japanese sushi ingredients. The creative artist combines smoked salmon, sushi rice, pickled ginger, and other authentic ingredients to create each edible masterpiece. Each celebrity sushi art creation is around 10 cm wide and 18cm tall, which is about the size of a large grapefruit for Americans.

Each celebrity sushi art sculpture uses a British celebrity as its model. There are singers, such as Eelton John and Edamame Sheeran. The artist has also created busts depicting Benedict Cumberbatch and English football (soccer) stars Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka.

Michelle Wibowo created the sculptures using ingredients from the Japanese food brand Yutaka. The artist used sugar as a medium when creating sculptured models of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and even Hogwarts Castle.

Image shows celebrity sushi art of grapefruit-sized busts of Elton John and Ed Sheeran made from sushi.
Image from YouTube.

The artist spent around 120 hours creating the impressive lineup of celebrity sushi art. The Japanese food brand Yutaka commissioned the work as part of their International Sushi Day celebration. The artwork was on display in London at the CasildArt Gallery. In a press release, the artist said, “I’m used to creating sculptures from unconventional materials, but working with sushi ingredients was a whole other kettle of fish!”

The artist is new to working with sushi as a medium and surprised by the available ingredients. She found the work challenging and hilarious. The CEO of Tazaki Foods (owner of the Yuyaka brand), Ken Furukawa, said in the press release, “We wanted to create an exhibition that celebrates the diversity and creativity of Japanese cuisine, and inspires you to be adventurous at home in the kitchen.”

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