Japanese People Imitate The Way English Sounds To Them And It’s Kind Of Hilarious

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Language is one of the most fascinating things on Earth. We need it to communicate, but there are so many different ones around the globe. This interviewer polled Japanese people on how English sounds and the results couldn’t have been more hilarious.

For each subject of the interview, the interviewer asked the person to imitate how English sounds. Gibberish or otherwise.

And honestly? They nailed it!

Clearly, English sounds rather silly to Japanese people! The languages are so different, it’s no surprise that there’s a funny disconnect here.

Each interviewee got creative with it. One man seemed to continue repeating the word “octopus,” which I really got a kick out of.

Do we really say “octopus” that often?

Probably not.

person imitating english
This image is from YouTube.

“I love the fact that Americans are immediately depicted by flailing arms, random screams, and hyperpronunciation. They’re pretty accurate. Their reactions to their own imitations are priceless,” commented one viewer of the clip.

Regardless, this was a funny experiment exploring different sounds and languages. As an English speaker, how do you think English sounds?

I bet it depends on the region, too! I’m Midwestern… we’re as nasal as could be!

The featured image in this post is from YouTube.

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