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4-Yr-Old Devastated After Failing Gymnastic’s Test, But Classmates Stun Everyone With Sweetest Response.

We never want to see our kids fail but the reality is they will. Our hope is that they will have incredible people around them to encourage them to never give up and to keep trying to reach their goals. Having amazing friends who push you to succeed after failure is invaluable.

The love of friends was captured in an emotional video of a¬†4-year-old Japanese boy who couldn’t complete his final test of strength & agility. In a packed gymnasium, the little boy tries multiple times to vault over a barrier. Each time it seems as if he will clear it, but his tiny legs don’t make it up and over.

Friends Gym 5

As the small boy continues to attempt to complete his run, he gets discouraged and can be seen wiping tears from his face. Lucky for him, he has great classmates and friends who decided to step in and give him the final boost he needed to fly high.

The video shows his classmates run onto the gym floor and they begin to form a circle around him with interlocked arms. They rock back and forth, make a loud chant to cheer him up and the boy decides to give it another try.

Friends Gym 4

Running on the fuel of encouragement from his friends, the tiny gymnast clears the pommel horse with ease and the crowd erupts with cheers.

This little boy is a great reminder to never give up and to cheer on our friends in life! Friendship can help you accomplish anything!

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