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Guys Invite Elderly Woman To Eat With Them And Her Story Touches Their Hearts.

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, you already know there are two kinds of solo diners. The regulars who eat alone all the time, and the ones you can tell don’t want to be alone. You always try to give the latter a little extra attention, but you never know what they’re going through.

Recently, a young man named Jamario Howard was out to dinner with his friends when he noticed an elderly woman sitting alone. He decided to go over and strike up a conversation but had no idea how much it would mean to her.


Jamario shared the story of the sweet woman on his Facebook page saying he sat down with her and eventually learned her name was Eleanor, she was a widow, and the next day would have been her and her husband’s 60th wedding anniversary.


After learning her story, Jamario asked Eleanor to join him and his friends for dinner, an invitation she happily accepted. The group thoroughly enjoyed their meals and each other’s company. According to Jamario, the sweet woman “changed [his] outlook on life and how [he looks] at other people.”


More than anything, Jamario reminded his Facebook friends to be kind to everyone because you never know what they are going through. Jamario’s gesture surely made a difference in Eleanor’s life, and we can all learn a lot from his act of kindness.

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