Jackson Mahomes Was “Taking Care Of A Lost Child” Amid Kansas City Shooting.

Jackson Mahomes with brother Patrick Mahomes after Super Bowl LVIII (58).

The Kansas City shootings were horrific. What should have been a joyous celebration for the city became a scene of misery and chaos. The day’s heroes should have been Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs football players. They just won their second Super Bowl in a row, with three big wins in the last five years. The little team from nowhere was on top of the world.

And then the shots rang out. The players, coaches, and nearby family members went to the stadium and safety. But Patrick Mahomes’s brother, Jackson Mahomes, was left behind.

Patrick Mahomes' younger brother Jackson Mahomes with their mother, Randi.
Image from Instagram.

The shootings injured 22 people, with one fatality, Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who left behind two small children. The area around Union Station was in chaos as people ran for safety amidst the upheaval. Jackson Mahomes has had a variety of problems lately. He could have left the scene, and no one would have noticed. His brother was the hero. Jackson didn’t need to be one. His brother, Patrick, and mother, Randi (pictured above), had already returned to the stadium.

But Jackson Mahomes didn’t leave. He stayed in the thick of the turmoil and stepped forward to help. Posting on the social media platform X, a woman named Jess said, “I don’t care what anyone says but I have found a new found respect for Jackson Mahomes. Ana and I were stuck hiding with him at union station by the trains and he was taking care of a child who lost his parents and helping him calm down.”

Heroes Stepped Forward After The Kansas City Shootings

Not only did Jackson Mahomes stay and help calm down the child, but he also helped the child find his way to the police so the parents could be located. His brother Patrick may have been the hero of the Super Bowl, but Jackson Mahomes won his hero credentials in the aftermath of the tragic Kansas City shootings. Pictured below with his niece, Sterling, Jackson seems to have a soft spot for kids, and that was on full display after the Kansas City shootings.

Jackson Mahomes with his niece, Sterling (Patrick Mahomes' daughter).
Image from Instagram.

Regardless of the troubles lingering in his life, Jackson Mahomes put himself out there during the Kansas City shootings to help a kid. That should count for something in the sea of public opinion. Several other people stepped forward that day to become heroes, including Chiefs offensive lineman Trey Smith, who reassured a terrified little boy, and Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who comforted a frantic teen. While it is great to celebrate the athletes and their win, let’s not forget to celebrate these other heroes. The ones who didn’t make the news reports. Whether they helped one person or a dozen, they helped, making them all heroes.

As the people of Kansas City work to recover from this tragedy, give them a thought. Send out a prayer for the families of the victims. Be thankful that people like Jackson Mahomes were there to help the kids.

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