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Jackie Chan Bursts Into Tears When He Sees His Old Stunt Team Appear Behind Him For Emotional Surprise.

In a prolific career that has spanned over 50 years, Jackie Chan has dazzled audiences again and again, firmly establishing himself as one of the world’s most celebrated Chinese actors. He’s most known for his incredible martial arts skills, but he’s also greatly loved for his comedy. Recently, however, Chan showed us his more serious side,when he shared a tender moment with his original stunt team.

On a Chinese awards show, Chan was invited on the stage to accept an achievement award. That’s when he got a special treat: a tribute video from his original stunt team, the 1st generation of the “JC stunt team” which was formed in 1977.

In the video, original members– many who have known Chan for 30+ years– all describe what a generous and kind person “Brother Jackie” is and what a special brotherhood they formed as a team. “Now there are computers and animation,” says one of the stunt men, “but the JC team of those days, we put our lives on the line for our art.”

Chan watched the video while standing onstage with the latest crew of stunt men, the 8th generation of the JC team. Little did he know, while he watched, his original teammates started sneaking up behind him. When he finally sees them… it’s truly a beautiful reunion!


Watch the moving tribute– and the even more emotional moment Chan reunites with his beloved stunt team– in the video below, and share!

The video might take a moment to load, but it’s well worth the wait. Hang in there! 

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