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Hairstylist Shares 10 Stunning Before-And-Afters Of People Embracing Their Gray Hair.

Aging can be a difficult reality for people to accept, which is why so many dye their hair when grey starts coming in. Anyone who regularly colors their hair understands how much time and money goes into the constant upkeep, and the entire process can quickly become frustrating.

Jack Martin, the owner of Jack Martin Salon, has worked with many clients experiencing this. That’s why he helped start a gorgeous new trend!


One day, a woman came in and told him she wanted to stretch out the time between her hair appointments. She just wasn’t sure how to do that with her gray roots. After they talked for a bit, Jack encouraged her to go all-in and embrace the natural color!

When she agreed, he gave her a total makeover. The outcome was so wonderful that people have been flocking to him for a stunning transformation of their own ever since! Check out their beauty in the 10 before-and-after pictures below!

1. “This gorgeous client was extremely tired of coloring her hair every three weeks, so we decided to lighten her colored hair to blend with her roots.”


Gray hair actually makes her look younger!

2. This client ended up with the most beautiful ombré.


The silver and gray looks like a work of art.

3. Her smile says it all!


The new color makes her skin glow!

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