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17-Yr-Old Girl Starts Singing “Hallelujah” Into Italian Well. Blows Classmates Away With Incredible Voice.

In 1984 Leonard Cohen released a song he had written named “Hallelujah” and since then it has been covered by many vocalists. From the musicians who have reached fame to aspiring singers, no one can resist attempting to cover this beautiful song.

Earlier this year Tiffany Ruan, a singer and songwriter known as Tiffany Day on YouTube, was on a class trip to Italy with her school choir group. Tiffany who is a junior at Wichita’s Collegiate School had started to question her desire to pursue singing professionally after experiencing the pressures and challenges of the music industry.


“I thought I was never going to get an opportunity,” Tiffany told KWCH 12 in Kansas. “A week before I posted that video, I had made up my mind. I told myself I’m going to go for the more realistic, the more stable route, and just pursue like engineering or something.”

However, her trip to Italy was going to prove to be an important one for confirming her dream and passion of producing music. While they were in Spoleto, the class stumbled upon a well and started singing into it in groups.

“Then we heard Tiffany singing into it. And that was a special moment,” Tiffany’s vocal music teacher told KWCH 12.


In the video posted online Tiffany is seen leaning into the well and singing a few lines from “Hallelujah.” The sound of her incredible voice was magnified by the powerful acoustics of the deep well.

Her voice is now amazing people all over the world.


Tiffany says she has started receiving opportunities to pursue her musical dreams. It has helped her to realize she doesn’t want to give up on her passion.

“Especially songs that are more strong in the message they give,” Tiffany told KWCH 12. “I feel like that’s something that’s really important to me. I want to produce music that has that effect on people and help people have a better day.”

Watch the video below of Tiffany singing into the well and make sure to share her incredible voice with your family and friends!

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