“It Was Unreal.” Preemie Twins Reunite With A Hug After Separation In The NICU.

Meghan Huston smiles wide as she sits in a hospital bed, holding both of her twins, Declan and River.

Meghan and Clayton Huston’s journey to becoming parents of twins has been full of ups and downs. After having their first child, a son named Grey, they were thrilled to learn that another little one was on their way. But things took a turn for the worse last July.

This is when Meghan learned she had experienced a miscarriage. In just a matter of a month, however, she learned that she was pregnant again. But having just had a miscarriage made her, understandably, nervous. This feeling only intensified when she started to bleed when she was three weeks along.

“The night before I took a test, I saw a double rainbow,” Meghan said. “I was pessimistic at the time, because I was very discouraged, so I thought that meant that I was probably going to have another miscarriage.”

Turns out, the bleeding was not due to a miscarriage. Instead, an ultrasound found that there was a good chance that she and Clayton were going to have twins!

“I just burst out laughing,” Meghan said. “I made the ultrasound tech show me the ultrasound because I didn’t believe him. My husband’s first reaction was: ‘I need to get another job.'”

For a while, Meghan’s pregnancy went pretty smoothly. Then, at 32 weeks along, she unexpectedly went into labor. She was quickly taken to the hospital where she would have to undergo a C-section. Everything was happening so quickly, it frightened her, especially since it was so early in her pregnancy and she had never had a C-section.

The procedure went well, but their twins immediately needed to be whisked away to the NICU, leaving Meghan wishing she could have had a moment with them.

“They took the babies straight out (of the room),” Meghan recalled. “I was crying, telling my husband I just wanted to see them because all I could see was a blue drape.”

Although the twins, named Declan and River, spent 20 days in the NUCU, it was after their fifth day that they were able to reunite in Mom’s arms at the same time. Meghan had been waiting for this exact moment for quite a while.

“Ever since I found out I was pregnant with twins, I wanted to hold them together,” she said. “I don’t know if awestruck is the right word but, but my heart was filled with so much love for them.”

This special moment was captured on camera, and we’re so glad it was! In the video, a baby is already in Meghan’s arms when the other one is placed. Within seconds, the newly-placed little one gently wraps an arm around his brother, seemingly giving him a hug. After the video, they even went on to hold hands.

“You hear about how twins have bonds, but to actually see it in person?” Meghan said. “It was unreal.”

Now that Declan and River are out of the hospital, the Huston family is happy to report that everyone is happy and healthy. Sure, the twins and their 3-year-old aren’t giving Mom much time to sleep at the moment, but she couldn’t be more grateful for her family.

“I told my husband: ‘You know that double rainbow we saw?'” Meghan recalled. “‘It was our two babies.'”

Watch the twins share a heartwarming hug during their long-awaited reunion in the video below.

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