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Meet Oscar The 3rd, The Purrfect Feline Companion For This Grieving Grandpa.

dave smith sitting on a couch while looking down at and petting an orange tabby named oscar the 3rd

In the infamous dogs vs cats debate, we think it’s pretty clear where Dave Smith stands.

Early in his life, Dave adopted a furry friend who he named Oscar. This adorable orange tabby was the best companion, and they loved each other dearly.

Oscar passing away was tough on Dave, but he found an amazing way to keep his spirit alive. Once he was ready to get a new cat, he got another orange tabby, naming him Oscar the 2nd.

Years passed and, in 2018, Dave and Oscar the 2nd moved into The Fountains at Millbrook, a pet-friendly retirement community. The two of them had already lived out a wonderful life together before this and, after two more together in their new home, his second feline companion passed away. Dave was utterly devastated.

“We could tell there was a big hole in his heart,” Lisa Rieckermann, The Fountains at Millbrook’s community life director said.

Eager to see Dave go back to being his happy self again, as soon he made it clear that he was ready for a new companion, the people of his retirement home fervently began their search for the perfect one. Luckily, their Office Manager/Human Resource Director, Terri Neal, had connections.

As a volunteer Cat Counselor at The Dutchess County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Terri has access to tons of adoptable kittens. As soon as she met Hercules, she was certain she’d found the one. They set up a way for Dave to meet him in person and, once they did, he quickly discovered that Hercules was perfect in every way! Well, almost every way.

“I said, ‘You don’t look like a Hercules; you look like another Oscar.'” Dave said.

Now named Oscar the 3rd, he’s having a blast living in his new home with Dave. They love spending all of their time together whether they’re cuddling, watching movies, or playing with laser pointers.

“It sure beats living alone,” he said. “I am grateful to the staff for taking the time to help me find Oscar and getting me to the shelter for the adoption. Once they found out I was looking for an orange tiger cat, they were all hands-on deck. I am absolutely appreciative.”

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