Careless Teens Laugh About Texting & Driving, Then Crash Survivor Walks In And They Can’t Hold Back Tears.

teenager cries, wiping tears from face

Be honest. Have you ever texted while driving? What about at a red light? How about making a phone call on speakerphone in the car? That last question may not seem like a big offense, but a driver on speakerphone in 2008 caused an accident which led to dire consequences for one family.

Jacy Good was heading home from her college graduation, on what should have been one of the best nights of her life, with her mom and dad. Jacy’s parents were driving the family station wagon, and Jacy was in the backseat. Another driver– distracted by the conversation he was having on speakerphone– ran a red light, causing an 18-wheeler to swerve to avoid him. That swerving truck struck the Good family car head on. Jacy sustained a litany of injuuries including a shattered pelvis, damaged carotid artery, and a traumatic brain injury. Both of her parents were killed on the spot. Now, 8 years later, Jacy is speaking out about the dangers of phone use while driving in this emotional video.

The video features the cast of YouTube series Summer Break. The young cast members are asked to be totally honest in this interview about their phone use in the car. At first, their responses are cavalier. They all know it’s not a good idea to be on the phone while in the driver’s seat, but they all admit to texting– even Snapchatting– while driving. No one seems to think it’s a big deal.

The mood drastically shifts when Jacy walks in and shares her story. Check out her eye-opening video below.

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